Sale of used pallets

We have wooden pallets of various sizes available for sale. We offer both standard pallets, EURO pallets, industrial pallets, half-pallets, CP pallets as well as pallets of untypical dimensions, adjusted to customers’ needs.

We provide high quality of used pallets to all customers, while maintaining competitive prices.

Production and sale of new pallets

We always deliver the highest quality products. As a manufacturer of wooden pallets we mainly specialize in the production of non-standard pallets, this is pallets on dimension and for individual orders.

The production of wooden pallets is carried out using, among others, recycled wood. We constantly improve our technological base by introducing more advanced solutions. When selling new Euro-pallets or industrial pallets, we always place emphasis on high standards of orders fulfilment. We are truly committed and have a modern approach to our work!

Why is it worth it?

  • Timely fulfillment of orders
  • High quality of products
  • Permanent and customer-friendly agreements of cooperation
  • Pallets according to customers guidelines

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