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Sales and purchases of pallets, euro-pallets

Full understanding
industry and yours
to achieve
the best
Why is it worth it?
We optimize costs
for the transport of pallets

We care of our customers’ finances. Due to our successful cooperation with transport companies that operate across the country, we can optimize transportation costs. 

We treat each customer

We flexibly adapt to the needs of our customers. Storage, purchase or production of pallets are fully tailored to their needs.

We meet deadlines

We realise that the time is important for our customers. Transport, production or rental of pallets must be timely and smooth. We know this, because we always operate on time!

Our products are of the highest quality

New and used Euro-pallets, as well as other products in our offer such as: 1200×800 industrial pallet or wooden half-pallets always feature the best quality.

We will help you
get rid of unused and worn pallets

Are there many worn palettes in your company or home? Our pallet purchase will solve your problem! We accept both efficient pallets as well as worn ones, confirming the Waste Transfer Card.

We take care
of the environment

Recycling of wood waste allows the use of used wooden packaging, such as pallets, protecting natural resources.